Low Carb Diets

When youíre ready to drop those unwanted pounds, most people approach weight loss by cutting calories. The main reason for this is that they feel that the best way to lose weight fast is to go without food for extended periods of time. This is true to some extent, you will lose weight by not eating. But losing weight this way is not a permanent solution, and chances are you will gain much more weight, after you've lost it, when you stop dieting. One of the most exciting things about low carb diets is that you can actually lose weight by eating more food. You can really get a good handle on your weight loss goals, while at the same time, not depriving yourself.

Designing Your Low Carb Diets Plan

When you are looking at low carb diets, you donít want to cut all of your carbs completely. You want to just cut back on your carbs and eat a low to moderate amount of healthy carbs 1 to 3 times per week. The main carbs that you should be avoiding are white breads, starches, and simple sugars. Instead of getting empty carbs from these sources, replace your bodyís need for carbs with fresh delicious fruit, and whole grains like brown rice and wild rice. Healthy carbs should only be taken in once or twice a day as well, in moderation.

You Never Have to Starve Yourself With Low Carb Diets

Donít starve yourself to lose weight. If you ever feel that you are getting too hungry, you want to make sure that you eat something immediately. When your body goes into starvation mode, the body hangs onto the fat thatís already inside of it. And since your body will not be getting the calories it needs to thrive healthily, it will hold onto the fat, and burn your bodyís healthy tissues like your muscles. You will be creating muscle loss rather than fat loss. Muscle is part of what helps you stay trim and lean, so you don't want to lose it or weaken it.

If you cut out carbs completely, you are risking your health greatly. This is why low carb diets are ideal for healthy weight loss. Your low carb diet plan should consist of healthy low carb foods. As stated before, these foods will include fresh whole grains and fruit. In addition, you are not to eat too many low carb foods - just because they are the source of healthy carbs for you. These low carb foods must still be taken in moderation because they still cause your blood sugar levels to peak. You just want to eat enough low carb foods to make sure your energy level remains high.